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IB Physics II Syllabus, data book,
Signature Sheet, IB Physics Syllabus Guide
command terms

Internal Assessment
IA packet
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Email Asher 50 word G4 reflection
. you will write a short reflective statement about the experience. This should include your project title and have components of:
  • what you found challenging
  • what your most important contribution was
  • how you worked as a team
  • what your specific role was and how you arrived at it
  • how successful you were at completing the assignment
  • what you might do differently next time
The reflection is supposed to be only 50 words .

An excellent review book by Tim Kirk (recommended)·
Another IB Physics teacher's class videos:
Companion student resource site to old C&J textbook - 7th edition

Logger pro Videos
Logger pro 1 basic graph
Logger pro 2 non-linear curve fit
Logger pro 3 Error Bars and Min max Slope
Logger pro 4 Linearizing data
Logger pro 5 different uncert
Logger pro 6 min max slope method 2